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познакомиться с ремесленным сообществом; Продавайте и покупайте поделки легко.

Приложение Tedooo позволяет вам общаться с миллионами мастеров, любителей DIY и потенциальных покупателей или продавцов прямо с вашего телефона.

Станьте частью удивительных социальных сообществ, идеально подходящих для любителей рукоделия, с самыми инновационными социальными функциями, которые позволят вам найти именно то, что вы ищете: товары для творчества, товары ручной работы, персонализированные товары — у нас есть все! Вдобавок ко всему, приложение Tedooo предоставляет вам одну из лучших торговых площадок для покупки и продажи с нулевой комиссией. Исследуйте уникальные предметы в качестве пользователя или покупайте и продавайте все, что вам нравится, на этом уникальном рынке изделий ручной работы.

С Tedooo вы можете открыть для себя все виды восхитительных, персонализированных и уникальных предметов в одном приложении. У нас есть красивые коллекции ювелирных изделий ручной работы, винтажные предметы для вашей кухни, одежда на заказ, наборы для творчества, которые помогут раскрыться вашему творчеству, и многое другое.

Найти то, что вы ищете, легко с помощью социальных функций приложения Tedooo:
Приложение, объединяющее социальное сообщество DIY Crafts и социальную торговую площадку.
Посетите рынок ремесел, чтобы открыть для себя изделия ручной работы.
Торговая площадка, где можно купить и продать изделия ручной работы и товары.
интернет-магазин для малого бизнеса, где они могут продавать в Интернете с нулевой комиссией.
Множество крутых категорий на рынке ремесел и простая навигация
Общайтесь напрямую со своим потенциальным покупателем или продавцом, чтобы создать лучший опыт покупок.

Загрузите приложение Tedooo — Social Marketplace прямо сейчас и станьте участником!

tedooo.com Reviews

This crafting app is a true gem! It offers fee free selling and a vibrant community. A must-have for crafters looking to sell their creations and connect with fellow artisans. Highly recommended! And the community is super supportive and powerful! Love it.

Date of experience : May 01, 2023

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Without pro No Sales, delete account Impossible.

I had two shops on this App and have been active in several groups. I did Not pay for pro (24,99 $ per month. ). I had NO Sale over 4 month and my posts were Not Seen. Only pro get Sales and only pro posts are Seen.
I wanted to delete my account. In the menu there ist the Option to do this, but it does NOT Work. To delete the account is Not possible.
I contacted the support but after weeks No answer.

Date of experience : July 05, 2023

Dont use its product and dont even make…

Dont use its product and dont even make any collaboration!It's a such an dishonest company!I'm a crafter and make a video for them.But they never pay for it.I try to email to them but it seems disappear. never reply me..Everyone just keep far away from them.Don't waste your time!

Date of experience : June 16, 2023

I was lured in

I was lured in through Instagram videos claiming Tedooo would be good for artistic inspiration. Now i can't delete the account.
I'm fairly certain a majority of the 5 star reviews on here are paid from Tedooo also. They all say great things but it's their only review ever. Everyone who has left a 1 star review is an actual person it seems.
This ap seems like it's just selling data and scamming people.

Date of experience : April 18, 2023

The best app for sellers and buyers around

This app has been amazing since I joined last march 2022. The community there on tedooo is extremely positive. Everyone from buyer to seller come together to help, support and inpirse each other. To have such talent available to ask questions or be inspired is amazing. This type of platform with so much positivity is hard to find. I highly recommend everyone check it out.

Date of experience : January 31, 2023

Tedooo always has unique items

Tedooo always has unique items. I love the community and the support! its by far my favorite app to buy crafts. i wish i knew about this earlier, its exactly what crafters and small businesses needed. also as a buyer its great to know that the crafters can enjoy their entire profit without any fees taking from their sales. i hate when i see these reviews of people complaining about some facebook group or non related things but its not the company’s fault and it can mislead other. I use Tedooo frequently and have never had a problem ordering anything, I love the community and the support!

Date of experience : November 28, 2022

Craft Away

This is such a great social place for anyone into creating, no matter what is is they create. You can find anything you can think of here, for inspiration, sharing your crafts and you can even purchase direct from creators through this app.

Date of experience : February 08, 2023

I just signed up recently

I just signed up recently, maybe about two weeks now, and the support has been amazing, I’m still learning the app. But the people on it, supports one another. I haven’t seen any of “I can do better” etc which is nice. We all have our ways of doing things, it’s not a competition. But the support is amazing. The creativity that others have is amazing as well.

Date of experience : January 30, 2023

Tedooo is an amazing app

Tedooo is an amazing app, there is no drama or bullying on that app, and the people are so helpful to each other. I have my account posted on there, and there are so many artists and crafters on there come honestly check it out, you will be surprised.

Date of experience : February 01, 2023

Great App

I made more sales on Tedooo then any other site. I love the power of this community and to see all the support of other crafters. Its an amazing way to sell your crafts and at the same time to communicate with your customers and with other crafters. Absolutely brilliant and i wish i knew about it earlier!

Date of experience : December 06, 2022

I've purchased a few items from Tedooo…

I've purchased a few items from Tedooo stores and I've always been really pleased. The customer service with the owners has been great, just like if you were talking face to face. Delivery was on time and the one return was easy and without any questions.

Date of experience : December 06, 2022

Wants to admin my Facebook group to spam.

Have just been contacted by someone claiming to be from Tadooo, offering to pay a monthly fee to allow them to admin my Facebook crafts group so they can do a daily member tag post. Sounds very much like the Spam Scam other reviewers have experienced.

Date of experience : November 29, 2022

Just Downloaded—Easy to Use

I just downloaded the app and it was easy to set up. I like that I could pick my interests and it seems like there’s a social media aspect to it for crafters! Interesting and nice touch. I’m excited to browse around and continue to learn about the app/use it.

Date of experience : February 07, 2023

Tedooo has changed my life for the…

Tedooo has changed my life for the better. I am now selling on Tedooo full time and making more than many of my peers are. It's only a good site for sellers IF you fully read the guide and work hard at running your shop. It isn't a "list and get rich" app — you need to put a lot of work into making your shop appealing for customers. However, Tedooo provides buyers that wouldn't otherwise find me on another site or my own. Their search tool, commercials/marketing, social, groups suggestions and reputation attracts buyers and makes it easy for them to find items like mine! If you have had a bad experience as a seller, I would suggest doing more research into marketing, how to spread your Tedooo, photography, and more. Also, they don’t have any fees from your sales unlike any other platform. I use the premium membership which is super accessible price and I think it’s definitely worth it — but this is optional! And last thing — if you have your own website/Etsy or other sites you can link them to your tedooo shop and it will increase your traction in there as well I am so thankful to be a Tedooo seller and will continue to be for years to come!

Date of experience : December 05, 2022

Chanel gifts is amazing the 8th time I…

Chanel gifts is amazing the 8th time I have ordered from this lady and couldn't fault her always here when she says amd very fast delivery thank you so much for my free gift to hun appreciate it xx

Date of experience : October 31, 2022

Really nice place to find inspiration

Really nice place to find inspiration, meet similar minded people and great artist with small businesses to support them

Date of experience : February 11, 2023

No option to close account

I am not saying this is a totally bad app. Just wanted to share my experience.
I set up a Tedooo account and opened up my shop. Everything all looked very professional and believable but i was a bit sceptical about a totally free to set up arrangement (options to pay to go pro).
My shop was up and running and as they were only small spend items, i decided not to pay to go pro. I thought i would try it out for free while i got a feel for the app. It was easy to navigate and there are some beautifully unique items on there.
After about a month i had only 1 view. While i wasnt expecting instant sales/views i happened to notice the ones with sales/numerous views/likes/comments were paying members.
I decided to close my account down but i searched all around the app and this wasn't an option. I added a post asking the app users for advice, at the same time as messaging customer support. Not sure which one worked as i happened to notice in the header of my phone, a brief message saying 'your account will be closed immediately ".
I opened up the chat in my Tedooo account to see if there was more, as i wanted to delete all my personal data. I was after advice to close my account myself but it doesn't appear to be an option. It's all controlled.
Beware of this before you open a shop here.

Date of experience : April 04, 2023

never seen this before!! Amazing 🙂

Really cool app!! love that it provides a space to talk to artists and build a community AND we can purchase beautiful artworks and creations

Date of experience : February 09, 2023

Great App Great Community 10/10

The best thing about the tedoo app is the help other sellers and crafters give to help others with making and selling items. Great App Great Community thanks tedoo

Date of experience : February 01, 2023

Tedooo is the best app for crafters

Tedooo is the best app for crafters. I absolutely love it. So much easier than Etsy and no fees! I would recommend to any crafter out there, start your business on Tedooo today! ♥️

Date of experience : February 01, 2023

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A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Craft Online on Tedooo

I think it’s fair to say that every crafter has thought of turning their crafting hobby into a business. I surely have! Well, when it comes to selling craft online, there is a whole world of knowledge and skill that goes into it aside from making the physical craft itself.

Selling craft on Tedooo

An important first step that you need to take when you’ve decided to make your craft a business is to find the right platform to sell. You might be familiar with Etsy, an online marketplace where countless crafters gather. Perhaps you have tried buying or selling on Etsy.

But you might be looking for a new selling platform, or just want to catch up with new trends in crafting. Well, in this post, I am here to introduce you to one of them called Tedooo.

What is Tedooo? Is it the same as Etsy? How do you use it? Read on for the answers to all of your burning questions!

What is Tedooo?

Selling craft onlin

You might think that selling on Tedooo is the same as Etsy, but it isn’t! Unlike Etsy, Tedooo focuses more on the social aspect of the internet—so it’s like social commerce media, basically. Unlike Etsy which is an e-commerce platform.

Just exactly like their slogan: Commerce, powered by Social.

Tedooo targets companies, businesses, and potential customers that focus on crafts and DIY products. So with Tedooo, you can connect with other fellow craft business owners. You can even reach an even wider market of customers through their social aspect.

Another significantly identifying aspect of Tedooo is that it doesn’t require any fees for you to join so it’s a cheaper alternative to selling craft online. However, you can pay for a subscription to enjoy more exclusive features. But that is totally optional!

Let’s start selling on Tedooo!

Here are a few tips you can utilize to bring your new business to another level!

1. Decide your products

The first thing that you need to start selling craft online is, of course, choosing and making the products you’re going to sell! Many crafters make multiple types of craft. Variety can be an advantage, but not always.

Sometimes, too many products can make your shop look messy. Maybe even more like a flea market rather than an online store! If you overcrowd your shop, you can overwhelm your potential customers and chase them away. We don’t want that, right?

My advice in selling craft online is to try to stick to types of products within the same scope. So if you sell handmade craft, you can sell greeting cards, shadowboxes, and papercut decorations. The same goes for clothes like hats, shirts, and tote bags. Avoid mixing many types of items in one shop.

2. Manage a niche

Once you have decided on what to sell, the next step is to find out to whom you’re going to sell your products. Wanting to promote your products to everyone is great, but remember that a Jack of all trades is a master of none!

The best way to approach selling craft online is to aim your sales at a more specific group of people. Whether it’s by gender, age, occupation, or hobbies. This is called a niche market.

So essentially, finding the right niche will be a sure way of bringing your business one step closer to success.

I have touched on this aspect in this article too (see point 4!)

3. Find your store identity

Selling on tedooo

Your business’s branding is as important as what you sell, maybe even more so! Finding your store’s identity will help your business not only in the short term but also way into the future.

In finding a branding identity when you’re selling craft online, you need a distinctive feature that will differentiate your business and your competitors.

This way, successful branding will result in your shop leaving a strong impression on your customers so they will always come back to your store instead of switching to other sellers.

4. Promote your store

Increasing your sales is of course a goal for anyone who is selling crafts online. Promoting your business—especially when you’re new to it—is never an easy feat. But with the previous three steps, it could be easier.

The great thing about Tedooo is that it is an interactive platform where aside from socializing, you can link to outside shops easily. They’re also very easy to find on your profile. The high visibility is a definite plus for business owners!

This next step could also be a huge help to the marketing and promotion of your business…

5. Be interactive and communicative

What’s unique about Tedooo and what you definitely should take advantage of more than anything is its social aspect. It’s like Facebook and Etsy in one!

With this feature, you can interact and communicate with potential customers easier and faster. This makes your shop more organic and lively, because people are aware that they are interacting with an actual person instead of a bot admin.

The interaction you have with your potential customers could just be that one last push needed for them to buy!

A lot of customers who use Tedooo to shop also find the zero-fee policy encouraging. As the customers know that the seller they are buying from is receiving the most out of the purchase they make.

Selling craft online - Tedooo

As a beginner in selling craft online, we can’t be scared to try new things. Now that we have covered all of the important points on How to Start Selling on Tedooo, are you convinced to join Tedooo yet?

If you want more information on how to be better at selling craft online or just anything about craft in general, our Facebook Community is the perfect place for you.

Join our Facebook Community and make friends with thousands of crafters all around the world! You can also get many exclusive freebies from Drizy Studio every day. What are you waiting for?

Tedooo 12+

Tedooo is the first social network dedicated and customized for the trade world.
The Tedooo platform is packed with innovative social features, super useful and important for the daily routine of small, medium and large business.

We create strong communities in specific industries via relationships and partnerships between sellers and buyers or individuals related to their industry. Tedooo is designed to provide all the tools and needs our communities must have to connect, support, share tips and mostly boost and scale their business and sales.

Tedooo supports various industries and all aspects of the trade world, while our current main focus is the massive Handmade, Crafts and DIY industry.

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