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Приложение airdroid cast что это

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AirDroid Cast-screen mirroring 4+

AirDroid Cast is a powerful casting tool that enables users to share their mobile device screens with Windows and Mac computer. The mobile devices do not have to be in the same area as the computer does; even they are in a different city, with AirDroid Cast the mobile devices can easily cast their screens remotely to the computer.

What can you do with AirDroid Cast?

Online Teaching
Your phone or tablet turns to an additional blackboard the moment you need it. As an
instructor, you can use AirDroid Cast to demonstrate dynamic teaching materials such as
courseware and in-app exercise. When you are doing remote teaching, you can even hand-write key points on your device while casting the screen, to engage your students.

Remote Meeting
When you are on a business trip or working from home, AirDroid Cast can help bridge the
communication gap in a remote meeting without costing you an arm and a leg; extra
hardware is not needed, either. The meeting attendees can share their mobile device screens with the meeting host computer so everyone can see each other's notes. Each attendee can take notes and use two-way audio to deliver opinions.

Online Presentation
Nail in-house meetings, training, and product demonstration by AirDroid Cast. Slides, apps, everything on your mobile device can be your presentation materials. Bring out your ideas seamlessly from your phone to the meeting room computer.

Gaming & Live-streaming
With AirDroid Cast, you can easily cast your mobile phone gaming situation to your computer, and stream it to the fans. What's more, AirDroid Cast supports more than one device screen on a computer. In that way, multiplayer gaming is available.

Main Features:
Simple to use
For mobile devices, no need to create an account nor to bind them. Cast the device screen by scanning the computer's QR code, or by inputting the Cast Code. With one step the mobile device screen can cast to the computer via network.

Mirror screen to pc with audio
AirDroid Cast streams not only the screen but the device microphone audio. Directly
communicate with the meeting attendees using the two-way audio feature to enhance work efficiency

Works with a remote network
All features of AirDroid Cast are available under the local area network. Upgrade to Premium user, network type will not be limited; AirDroid Cast works even under the remote network to suit scenario such as remote meeting.

Multi-screens on one computer
AirDroid Cast supports to cast a maximum of 5 devices onto a computer simultaneously. With this in mind, you can enjoy multiplayer gaming, or view all the attendees' PowerPoint slides during a meeting.

Приложение airdroid cast что это

Management suite for your private mobile devices at home and at work

A powerful remote casting tool, easy to cast the screens of your phone and PC

Enterprise MDM solution with powerful remote access and control capabilities. Affordable, secure, easy to use, and can effectively reduce operational costs for businesses.

Remote assistance solution for customer support teams with shared screen, voice call, and remote control. Improve service quality and efficiency for businesses.

    • File Transfer & Management
    • Remotely Control Android Devices
    • Screen Mirroring
    • Remote Camera
    • Notifications & SMS Management
    • Cast iOS and Android device screens to a computer
    • Cast PC screen to other PCs
    • Control iOS and Android devices on a computer
    • Use a USB cable to cast screen
    • Turn your computer into an AirPlay Receiver
    • Cast to the Browser NEW
    • Remote Access (View & Control)
    • Management & Security
    • Monitor & Alerts
    • File Transfer
    • Mobile Application Management (AMS feature)
    • Kiosk Mode
    • Geofencing & Tracking
    • Remote Support for Business with AR
    • Remote Support for Personal

    Use AirDroid Personal to be more productive at home and at work

    Support screencasting from your phone screens (Android/iOS) or PC screens (Windows/Mac), suitable for remote meetings, game streaming, remote teaching, and more.

    Help your families walk through device issues, or directly take control of it

    Use AirDroid Business to streamline IT resources, reduce cost, and increase efficiency

    Use AirDroid Remote Support to provide 1-to-1 remote assistance & troubleshooting for clients, staffs, and business partners

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