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When you imagine valet parking services, it adds a certain amount of class, sophistication, and elegance to your event. Right?

No one hires valet parking to make things less convenient so it’s important to choose the right company for your special occasion to help make it the best it can be.

The right valet company will make parking for your guests quick and easy. It’s especially useful if the venue you are using has a parking lot that is far removed or there is a chance of inclement weather.

Professional valet parking services start with a friendly greeting and make sure your guests experience a courteous departure.

That way, both the first and last interaction ensure your guests have a positive impression of your event.

As a host, it’s important to find ways to make the event convenient for your attendees and your guests will be delighted when they see you’ve included valet parking as one of your party perks.

Of course, everything comes at a cost so how do you find valet parking services that are professional, yet affordable?

It can be tempting to cut costs by hiring amateurs. After all, how difficult is it to park cars and keep keys organized?

Let’s take a closer look at whether or not that is a good idea.

Can You Cut Costs With a Cheap Valet Service?

As anyone who has ever thrown a private event understands, hosting can be expensive. When it comes to valet services, the concept is simple.

Park guest vehicles without causing damage, keep keys organized and retrieve cars quickly when guests are ready to leave.

But with any simple formula, there are a lot of ingredients that can make the recipe go sour. Take John’s experience for example.

John worked as operations manager for a mid-level business and was tasked with throwing their annual company party.

He was given a budget and wanted to spend more on fun activities rather than “waste” it on professional parking services.

John opted to use a group of college students to park employee vehicles instead of choosing a legitimate valet service company.

By the end of the night, John learned precisely why this was a terrible decision. 2 employee vehicles sustained damages while being parked from inexperienced drivers.

Several car keys were mixed up and some vehicle retrievals took almost 30 minutes, causing the car owners to become worried, upset, and frustrated.

Worst of all, the group of amateur valet drivers didn’t have any insurance! The company ended up liable for the damages and John was severely reprimanded for making such an unprofessional decision.

It cost the company substantially to fix the damages and in the end, they spent more than if they’d expanded their budget in the beginning.

These problems could have been avoided by using professional car parking services who were insured and experienced to handle the task.

Don’t assume that just anyone with a business name for parking cars is qualified to handle your event though.

Here are the top tips for hiring a professional valet parking service for your next event.

How to Screen For Professional Parking Services

Whether you are considering valet parking service for a private event, special occasion, or corporate dinner, the steps for finding a professional company are the same.

You want to make sure the drivers are insured, experienced, and friendly in order to add sophistication to your party rather than cause unnecessary problems.

Here are some things you need to consider before hiring valet services:


Let’s face it. Accidents happen sometimes, even with experienced drivers. In case of an accident or damage caused to guest vehicles, make sure the company you hired carries proper insurance.

You don’t want to be the one left liable for damages to someone’s personal vehicle. Beyond that, proper companies also cover their employees with workman’s compensation, just in case an employee sustains any bodily injury on the job.


Cars with automatic and manual transmissions can vary widely in their operation. It’s not enough that your drivers have a little experience, they should have a lot of experience operating old, new, automatic, or manual cars.

You want your guests to feel confident when they hear their car pulling away rather than worried about the proper operation or possible damage.


First, look for a company with a legitimate business license. Check with the BBB to make sure they hold the proper license and credentials to handle your guests’ personal vehicles.

Don’t be afraid to ask directly for past customer references. If you are hosting a large event, ask if they have experience handling higher volumes of guests. There is a big difference between a party of 25 and a party of 100.

Also, check Yelp for honest reviews of their business. If you can find others who have a positive experience, it’s more likely you will enjoy one for your event as well.

Some other questions you might consider to screen valet companies include:

  • Do the drivers expect tips?
  • What is the process if there is any damage to a vehicle?
  • How do you keep keys safe and organized?
  • Is there a system for handling lost tickets before handing over car keys to someone who claims to own a vehicle?
  • Do you offer parking lot surveillance?
  • Will a manager be on-site at the event?
  • Does your company have a dress code for the drivers?
  • Do you have a valet parking stand?
  • How much insurance do your drivers carry?

It’s important to thoroughly interview the parking company you are considering before trusting your guests’ vehicles in their care.

If you live in the Austin, Houston or Dallas area, consider Next Level Valet professional parking services for your next private event.

Their drivers are experienced, insured, and courteous so you can rest easy knowing your guests are taken care of. Head over to check out Next Level Valet and see what they can do for you.


Компания UniPersonal является первой в Москве, кто вывел на рынок event-услуг сервис «Выездной Valet-Parking». Данный сервис зарекомендовал себя исключительным удобством для Гостей.

Валет-Паркинг – что это такое?

Представьте, что Вы едете на мероприятие за рулем своего автомобиля. Как здорово будет подъехать прямо ко входу на мероприятие и передать специальному персоналу ключи от машины, не беспокоясь о поиске места на стоянке.. С корабля на бал в прямом смысле. Именно такие, исключительно позитивные эмоции будут испытывать Ваши гости, если вы организуете валет-сервис.

Услуги профессиональных парковщиков, полностью взявших на себя заботу об автомобилях клиентов, называются Валет-Паркинг (англ. «Valet-Parking»). Все очень просто. Клиенту потребуется лишь передать ключи от автомобиля парковщику, а после мероприятия получить машину обратно. Специалист будет ожидать посетителя на выходе и передаст ему лично в руки ключи от поданного автомобиля.

Услугу Валет-Паркинга оценят деловые люди, которым дорога каждая минута, гости с недостаточным опытом вождения на ограниченных территориях и, конечно, VIP-гости. В любом из перечисленных случаев с парковкой клиентского автомобиля лучше справятся профессиональные водители UniPersonal.

Порядок пользования Валет-Паркингом

Гость на личном автомобиле подъезжает к центральному входу

Посетителю вручается парковочный жетон (по сути такая же система как в гардеробе)

Профессиональный водитель-парковщик отгоняет автомобиль на удаленную парковку и в последствии подает автомобиль к моменту отбытия Гостя с мероприятия

Как заказать Валет-Паркинг?

Если Вам необходимо провести важное мероприятие, повысить его статус до VIP-уровня поможет услуга Валет-Паркинг, заказать которую можно в UniPersonal. Теперь Ваши гости забудут о сложностях парковки и смогут полностью насладиться праздником! Проявите заботу о клиентах – сделайте их отдых комфортным и запоминающимся!

Valet-Parking – это принципиальной иной уровень отношения к Гостям, деловым партнерам и себе самим; это показатель престижа, сервиса, особого подхода.

Valet Parking

Our system fits more vehicles in a single line, increasing the number of cars in a given area by up to 50%. In a world where building extra parking spots is expensive and resource-intensive, our robots can help scale operations quickly.

Fast and Flexible Implementation

No need to build new infrastructure. Our robots, software and handover cabin are provided with a full service, all set up and adjusted according to your needs of the moment.

Customer Experience

Customers enjoy a stress-free, hassle-free service. Their car is directly brought over to the front of the parking lot: no need to walk around with their luggage and look for it.

Galaxie numérique dominante

A stress-free customer experience

Customer Experiences

Drop off the car

Bright and spacious cabins are waiting for your clients. They can drop off their car, take their bags and keep their keys.

Customer Experiences

Confirm reservation

Clients can check their flight information and confirm their reservation in just a few clicks. Once confirmed, the cabin secures the car.

Customer Experiences

The robot takes care of the car

The valet robot slides underneath the car, lifts it delicately by the tires, and moves it to the parking spot allocated by the management software.

Customer Experiences

Secure parking

The car park is not open to the public – only robots and staff can move around it. This limits the risk of damage or break-in.

Customer Experiences

Upon return, the car is waiting

The service is connected to each client’s flight information. When they return, their car has been picked up and is waiting for them in a cabin, as if they had never left it.

Satisfied customers

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Reach out to us anytime and lets create a better future for all technology users together, forever. We are open to all types of collab offers and tons more.

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Stanley Robotics is a deep tech company that combines hardware and software to provide solutions for outdoor logistics.

The technology lies in a robot lifting and moving cars autonomously and in an intelligent storage management software. Robotics has transformed indoor logistics (e.g., in warehouses), resulting in a spectacular increase of productivity.

Stanley Robotics’ ambition is to bring this transformation to outdoor logistics with their proprietary technologies.

Founded in 2015, the SME is headquartered in Paris, France, and is also behind the world’s first outdoor robotic valet parking service.


Непривычный пока для россиян вид парковки Valet parking набирает популярность. На самом деле он очень знакомый по американскому кино.

Гость подъезжает ко входу в гостиницу или ресторан, выходит и сразу же его встречает сотрудник заведения, который меняет ключи от машины на парковочный талон. Это и есть валет паркинг, который в большинстве случаев бесплатен для посетителя, либо включен уже в стоимость за счет других услуг.

Почему в Москве так нужны валет паркинги? Дело в огромном количестве крестов, запрещающих даже остановку (знак 3.27) и в отсутствии даже дорогой парковки. Под таким знаком никакой валет паркинг не выживет, сразу приходят штрафы. Из-за этого людям порой неудобно посещать ресторан или отель, особенно в выходной день, когда всё занято. Поэтому валет паркинг может оказаться единственным вариантом, который сохранит посещаемость заведения, но при этом не нужно будет создавать парковочные места прямо на улице.

Валет паркинг уже есть у ГУМа, Барбершопа Тимати на Большой Дмитровке, некоторых дорогих ресторанов, но он фактически вне закона. Для этой услуги нужно ввести специальный знак для кратковременной остановки: только отдать машину и пойти в ресторан. Такой аналог Kiss & ride.

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